1. Is the Decko GDO wall button illuminated (Wall button must be Decko Brand). Wall button must be illuminated for opener to work properly. Check for proper installation of Decko GDO wiring and the connection to the back of the opener. Refer to Page 14.
  2. Is the Decko GDO brand wall button installed using Decko brand wiring? Refer to Page 14. (All other brands of wall buttons are not compatible with Decko GDO products. Only the Decko GDO wall button and wiring will work with the opener)
  1. Are the photo eyes installed? The photo eyes must be installed for the Decko GDO Opener to work properly. Without the Decko GDO photo eyes installed the opener WILL NOT WORK. Take special care to install photo eyes using Decko GDO brand wiring.
  2. Are the photo eyes properly aligned and connected using Decko brand wiring? Refer to Page 13.
    (Only Decko GDO brand photo eyes and Decko GDO brand wiring will work with the opener, using all other brands of photo eyes and wiring will cause your opener to work incorrectly)
  1. Is the trolley assembled correctly, arrow on trolley must face towards the door, page 5.
  2. Is the chain red mark initially set at 9 to 12 pm when the door is in the closed position, page 6.
  3. Is the trolley a minimum of 8 inches from the pulley, page 10.
  4. Opener may be out of adjustment start by referring to page 16 of the owners manual.
  5. Openers travel limit assembly may be out of adjustment, click here for travel limit reset instructions.
  6. Contact customer support.
  1. For a list of courtesy light and buzzer response click here.
  1. Is the Decko GDO Opener installed on a 7ft garage door or smaller? Standard Decko GDO door openers work with up to 7ft tall garage doors. An 8ft extension kit is available.

Where can I get an additional wireless remote or wireless keypad
  1. Many online retailers stock Decko GDO accessories.
I Want to install a Decko door opener with an 8 ft garage door
  1. A 8ft extension kit is required. The extension kit model number required is 24115-DKO.
Trouble programming the Decko door wireless remote
  1. Are you using a Decko GDO door brand wireless remote. Only Decko GDO brand accessories will work with Decko GDO brand openers.
  2. Check to make sure there are batteries in your remote.
  3. Refer to Page 19 of the instructions.
Opener does not close and openers light flashes.
  1. The Photo Eye Safety System may not be properly installed and aligned, check connection and alignment referring to P.13 and P.15 of the owners manual.
Opener stops before reaching full open/ close travel limit.
  1. Either the Travel Limit or Force is not properly adjusted, to check adjustment P.16 and P.17. Conduct safety reverse test after ANY adjustment.
The door reverses unintentionally.
  1. Make sure Photo Eye Safety System is aligned and clear of obstruction.
  2. Click here to check door balance.
  3. Click here to check and readjust the force.
The door reverses upon touching the floor and the courtesy light flashes.
  1. Click here to adjust close limit instructions. Decrease close limit by 1/4 turn gradually until door stops as intended at full close position. Conduct safety reverse test after ANY adjustment.
The courtesy light flashes 5 times and the opener does not start.
  1. Opener motor has overheated, please wait 15 to 30 minutes and retry. If opener still doesn't respond please contact customer service.
The opener does not close the door and the courtesy light flashes.
  1. The photo eye safety system is misaligned or obstructed, click here to check alignment.
The opener is working properly but the courtesy light does not turn on.
  1. Replace light bulbs (A19 incandescent Max. 100W)
The courtesy light does not turn off.
  1. Unplug garage door opener, wait for 5 minutes, plug garage opener back in. Check to see if garage door operates properly. If this does not fix the problem please contact customer service.
The opener hums as the trolley hits the trolley stop bolt in open travel.
  1. Make sure trolley is towards the trolley stop bolt.
  2. Disconnect trolley using Emergency Release.
  3. Close the door manually.
  4. Relieve chain tension by loosening both the nut and the Chain-to-cable connection P.6
  5. Operate the opener so the trolley shaft travels towards the door. (trolley should be kept disconnected)
  6. Refer to P.16 to decrease open travel limit by 2 full turns.
  7. Refer to P.6 to re-tightens the chain until it is 1/4" (6mm) above the base of rail (reference to the actual size figure shown)
Opener opens once installed, then does not work and light flashes.
  1. Photo eyes need to be hooked up or are out of alignment. Refer to page 13 and page 15 of the owners manual.

Handheld transmitter or wireless keypad does not program
  1. Check the batteries in the device. Refer to page 19 of the manual.
  2. Holding the learn button in too long or taking more than 30 seconds to complete the programming cycle.
Will Decko GDO GDO's work with universal remotes and accessories?
  1. Due to Decko GDO Door Products use of advanced technology, current universal remotes and keyless entries
    are NOT COMPATIBLE. Decko GDO Door Openers will only work with Decko GDO Door Opener brand accessories.
Wall button does not operate the door
  1. Make sure the Decko GDO button is installed using Decko GDO Wiring. Refer to page 14 in the manual.
  2. Check connection on back of the opener.
  3. Contact customer service.
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